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Lucene is 100% java. Also, it has been implemented in different languages. I think that java, being an interpreted language, is slow, so processing expensive requirements like indexing cannot be a java's language design aim. But, I do not have any reference about this hypothesis. So...

  1. Do you know any benchmark comparing different Lucene implementations?
  2. If you have used Lucene in any of its implementations, what do you think about Lucene performance?


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java in not an interpreted language, it is byte compiled. Its a 2 step process that happens at load time only, once the code is converted to the machine code by the jvm it is as fast as any other language (since its in machine format). Having said that an expert once said that people can write really lousy C++ code and I replied people can also write really lousy java code :) –  user125482 Apr 1 at 22:04
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I have found Lucene to be very speedy, actually. It has been implemented in other languages, like PHP, but the Zend Lucene was terribly slow. I have no experience with Lucene outside of Java and PHP.

My vehement recommendation between the two, though, is that you stick with Java.

Stackoverflow: Performance Comparison Between Zend Lucene and Java Lucene

Lucene in different languages

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ports are rarely as nice as the original implementation. –  Kevin Aug 11 '11 at 16:23
In this case, I agree. –  Jarrod Nettles Aug 11 '11 at 16:25
Yes... I think that Java helps at maintainability and personally I consider software design easier in Java or C# than in C++. But, that's why I'm asking about performance: if performance concerns are negligible, I will choose Java over C++ –  JPCF Aug 11 '11 at 17:13
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