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I recently finished reading Randall Hyde's excellent book Write Great Code: Volume 1: Understanding the Machine, and I have a much better knowledge of what's going on under the hood now.

I want to start making iPhone apps, and there are lots of guides for that. Embracing my inner Hyde, however, I want to first learn about the iOS system architecture. Apple has a really good overview here:

iOS Technology Overview

Before I start, I wanted to know if there were any other good resources for understanding iOS architecture and using that knowledge for iPhone programming.


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The innards of iOS are the same as the "Core OS" components of Mac OS X, so take a look at Amit Singh's book "Mac OS X Internals".

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You should definitely check out the Apple Dev videos, too. For example there are 13 videos tagged iOS+Core OS in the WWDC 2011 Session.

Personally I find it interesting to peek into Objective-C as well, to see how that works; you'll use it heavily when writing iPhone Apps, so why not start there. I did not read the mentioned Hyde book and am not really sure how deep you want to go (hardware?), but maybe that would suit you too. First there's an Apple Guide as well, then you have bbum's blog and Mike Ash's Q&A.


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From what I've seen most resources come from the dev videos and dev forums at Apple but you can get information and tutorials through youtube.

If you have previous Objective C skills then you're a step closer.

I'm using "iOS Programming Cookbook" by Nahavandipoor from O'Reilly

It eases out the explanation of how to do certain things on XCode.

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