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I have a job interview coming up at a small, 'family atmosphere' type of place running on php and Oracle 9i. I've prepared as best I could, but I'm struggling to come up with questions for 'them'.

So far I got

How do you integrate a new developer into your work flow?

Other than that I've got some canned questions courtesy of Google.

Thanks in advance and my apologies if this is a duplicate question.


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  • Why did you choose Oracle over MySQL -- any specific reasons?

  • Can you elaborate on your back end architecture? (data centers, clusters, sharding, caching)

  • Do you have plans to adopt polyglot persistence?

  • What front end server are you using to serve PHP? (Apache, Nginx, or something else)

  • How does PHP talk to Oracle -- PDO or specific Oracle driver for PHP?

  • What kind of ORM (if at all) you're using?

  • Am I expected to become Oracle expert, or a generic knowledge of databases will do?


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