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I will be passing Oracle MySQL 5 Certified Associate Exam and I want to know, if my percentage score will be given on the certificate? And will it be given to me at all? Or I will just know if I passed?

On Zend exams for example score is not known to the taker.

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I took the certification before Oracle bought Sun

When the scores of my SCMDBA exams were given (back in August 2007), percentages on the exam were based on information from specfic chapters of the book MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide. Oracle has since changed the scoring standard to be the following:

Section 1: Theory, Terminology and Concepts (10%)

Client/Server Concepts Database and Database Objects

Section 2: Data Definition using SQL (25%)

Databases Data Types Tables Constraints and Indexes Views

Section 3: Basic Data Manipulation using SQL (25%)

Recurring SQL Constructs Adding data Modifying data Removing data Searching data

Section 4: Advanced Data Manipulation using SQL (20%)

Expressions Grouping and Aggregate Functions Joining Tables

Section 5: Transactions (10%)

Transaction Concepts SQL for working with Transaction

Section 6: Import/Export (10%)

Tools for Import/Export SQL for Import/Export

IMHO, the book I mentioned is the book you should study. Notwithstanding, there is no substitute for experience. So, practice hands-on everything you learn from the book.

As for your question, I took the exam under Pearson VUE. Oracle switched it to Prometric. Just recently, Oracle switched MySQL back to Pearson VUE. The scoring was a fixed number basaed on the random sampling of the questions presented to me.

When I took The first SCMDBA exam (covering chapters 23-25,27-32), I scored 54/46, 46 being the minimum number to pass based on the random sampling of the questions. My second exam score was 47/45 (covering chapters 33-42).

With Oracle's way of doing things and using Pearson VUE, I would expect something like based on the six(6) sections mentioned.

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Usually the score is not printed on Sun/Oracle certifications, I took my SCJP 1.6 exam last year and it just stated that I had passed my exam - no score or percentage.

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Thank you for an answer. I'm not worrying about bad score. I want to get motivated to get a result close to 100%. But if my score is not given to me, then there is no fun. – Tomasz Jureczko Aug 22 '11 at 16:48

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