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We are doing a major refactor of the layout of our source tree. Masses of files are being moved, folders are being renamed, etc. etc. We currently have everything in SVN.

We're going to move to either GIT or HG in the future.

However, now we're thinking that maybe we should move to GIT or HG first and then do the refactor. We're worried that work in progress on svn branches aren't going to be able to merge the refactoring changes into their branch NOR are they going to be able to merge any changes to files that have been moved and/or renamed back into the trunk.

  1. Which between GIT and HG would better handle this type of refactoring?
  2. If we do move to GIT/HG and then do the refactor, what will be merging be like for the work in progress branches once they move to GIT/HG?

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Go for it, switch to Mercurial/Git before you start to refactor! – Oben Sonne Aug 22 '11 at 21:01

Yes, you must migrate to DCVS-of-choice before refactoring, merging refactored in SVN is big headache

  1. For ordinary refactoring (only move in commit) both Git and Mercurial are at the same level of usability ("very good") They differ in situations, then you'll move part of code between files in refactoring, because GIT uses auto-guessing on renames with some heuristic, Mercurial, in contrast, expect user's intervention and flagging renames explicitly (but Mercurial also uses "similarity level" for guessing pair under the hood)
I've done big refactorings of Java and C++ code in SVN without problems. Really, when refactoring a codebase, VCS is the least of your problems. Just do things in steps, check in frequently, and you'll be fine. – quant_dev Sep 18 '11 at 19:43

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