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The story is like this: I was hired under a work-for-hire contract that didn't specify what the pay is going to be. I was told it would be on the 15th of every month, depending on what work was completed. On the 15th of the first month, I was told it was going to be at the end of the project. Then the project got halted (required client response on some matter). Then another project was given to me, one that would take at least two months to complete. Few weeks after that, I have told the boss that I will refuse to do any work until at least a partial payment is made. I got fired and got promised a lawsuit.

We're in different countries. He's from US. Contract doesn't have his signature in original, in my country this would render it invalid. There are a few questions here, the main one is how to handle this from this point forward? Maybe you could give me some advice to avoid this in the future? Does this lawsuit have any chances to be taken seriously?

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You should consult a lawyer. This is a really difficult case. I wonder why you signed such a contract in the first place. –  Falcon Aug 24 '11 at 9:54
Hi altvali, Programmers.SE is for questions about software development: you should consult legal counsel about any contract disputes you might have. –  user8 Aug 24 '11 at 10:02
They didn't send you the original contract for you to sign? I am going to guess you they did, and you signed it, and what they sent you back was copy. They have the original signature. –  Ramhound Aug 24 '11 at 11:13

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Firstly, I am not a lawyer. Secondly, I cannot imagine any legal system that would enforce a contract without an original signature. Thirdly, I cannot see how the US guy can enforce anything in Romania.

Personally I think you have been taken for a ride. Learn your lessons and move on.

I have difficulty understanding how you can sign a contract that does not stipulate exact rates and dates of pay. And, if anything, you have a case against him, not the other way around. This guy is just bluffing. Since you clearly have no way of enforcing any payment, I would just write this off as a bad experience and find myself some better employers/customers.

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Seek legal advice from a professional lawyer. Sorry to hear you got screwed over :(

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