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I'm developing a server application and am looking at Windows 2008 R2 application certification located here.

Does application certification really make a difference to your application? Has anything tangible ever come from it in your experience? Are there any other certifications I should consider?

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It's all about marketing. With an application certification you can play-up the certification in your sales materials, which would be an important difference if competing software was not certified. On the flip side, if other competing software are certified and yours is not, if MAY suggest that your software is inferior somehow.

It is really going to depend on what field your software serves, whether you're willing to make the financial investment for the certification process and whether you think that certification will boost sales enough to justify that investment.

If you decide to certify your app, I would strongly suggest that you develop a marketing plan on how you're going to use that certification. It would be a shame to spend the time and money to achieve the certification and then not take advantage of it.

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Usually you are required to get the certification only if you have to load device drivers or other kernel modules, as the certification is one of the requirements to have your code signed by WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs).

For ordinary applications it is just a logo you can add to your application web page or box.

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I view certifications as a proxy for knowing the syntax. Which is necessary but not sufficient. Semantics are far more important and will forever be beyond the reach of certification.

I neither buy software nor hire programmers on the basis of certification.

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It goes only for the "Quality" of your acknowledge, the real thing is on the real deal, with your creativity at work. I must say that I agree with Walter. In thee end, its all about the marketing.

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