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I've run into the limits of what NHibernate 3.0's LINQ provider is capable of and decided it's time to learn about one of the more powerful (or at least feature-complete) options: the QueryOver API.

The problem is, I have zero experience with ICriteria, and all of the tutorials I've been able to find online either:

  1. Assume I'm an ICriteria expert and simply show me how to convert ICriteria code to the new fluent interface, or
  2. Are trivial "here's how you do an inner join" examples that don't really help me understand more complex concepts like projections, subqueries, requirements, or whatever other magic the API is capable of.

What should I read to really learn about QueryOver, and how to make full use of it?


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This post is the best resource I have found so far for using QueryOver.

Another resource that we've been passing around at work is the Nhibernate 3.0 Cookbook. I literally just got my hands on it, so I don't have a review for you.


Here is a very good explanation of QueryOver Andrew Whitaker - NHibernate QueryOver Series. It contains:

  1. Why QueryOver?
  2. Basics and Joining
  3. Selecting
  4. Transforming
  5. Materializing Results
  6. Query Building Techniques
  7. Using SQL Functions
  8. Working with Subqueries

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