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Here is my situation:

  • I am switching to a new company in a new city as an engineer [code, test, performance etc].
  • I was not particularly successful in my previous role [at least not as per my immediate manager] and finally decided to quit on good terms.
  • The new job is exciting [I haven't started it yet]. I am the first engineer for this new team and there is no existing code for what I would be working on, except an old prototype.
  • I have to work closely with sister teams to bootstrap my product.
  • I am due for a performance review within 5 months. I will have to take a few weeks vacation toward the end of it. I am a little anxious about this since I think 5 months isn't much time for me to bootstrap and show some early successes.
  • I am working in a new space I am not familiar with though the stack is mostly Java, Apache, etc. which I am more comfortable than other stacks out there.

I am currently reading First 90 Days though it is a bit more focused on leadership rather than engineers. I am an engineer and not manager though would like to move to leadership roles future in my career.

Thanks for your input and I will add more details if someone requests.

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Hi inTransition, asking for general career advice isn't on-topic here: what, specifically about your situation, would you like an answer to? –  user8 Aug 26 '11 at 3:15
I would like to know what are the some good practices/challenges when joining a new company and working as a first engineer in the team. –  inTransition Aug 26 '11 at 5:05

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when i started my current job i felt that my previous job hadn't been as successful as i had wanted, so i tried to make a list of what i had done wrong. from that i identified some ways that i felt i could improve. then i worked that down to a short list of actions that i could take at my new job.

i think those did help, but what helped more, in retrospect, was choosing a job that played to my strengths. since you've already got a new job i am not sure how much this will help, but often you get to shape a job as you work, so you might bear that in mind.

i don't want to list all my failures in public(!), but one concrete idea that was useful was running a wiki for notes. the first few months, particularly, i obsessively wrote everything down in the wiki, with cross-references, so that when people talked to me and i couldn't remember something, i could quickly look it up. this included people's names, acronyms, companies, ideas, etc etc. i also kept a diary (as pages in the wiki), which again helped.

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Thnx andrew, thats a good tip to maintain a log diary –  inTransition Aug 26 '11 at 5:16

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