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I am searching for the best way to get people involved internally at a company. This company has tons of knowledge (from C#, Ruby, Mobile Dev, Windows Linux, Java, everything), with the problem being it is silo'ed in various people's heads.

How do you go about creating a culture that allows for their intelligence to spread? We have tried wikis, we have tried Jive SBS (which gave us blogging) and its still seems that the community isn't building.

It would be ideal to have both Blogging (information sharing) as well as some type of source control system that contains code examples, that would help facilitate internal people moving to new technologies.


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  1. Don't always program alone.
  2. Code and documentation reviews. Mix the skill levels and languages
  3. Make experts in one area a team leader with members who are new to the language.
  4. Have lunch together or some other social activity.
  5. Take volunteers to do presentations on an area of expertise to the group.

I think if people talk about what they are doing, it will generate interest. Others can go look at code or other documentation.

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