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I recently gave two interviews (Say company A and B) and am inclined to get into company A more than B. The hiring manager of A might get a little late in replying. I do not want to lose B if I don't get into A.

I want to know if I get a positive reply from company B before A, is there a polite way to say that I am waiting on one other result? Or can I buy a week or so? How do I convey this?

Thanks in advance.

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I feel it is completely appropriate to inform Company A that you have an outsanding offer and your intent is to work for Company A.

This happened to me in my last hunt. I got an offer from Company B on Monday, I had an interview with Company A on Thursday. I had to let Company B know by Friday. Company A was amazing and I did inform them of outstanding offers during my interview. They had an amazing turn around and informally offered it to me Thursday night. They had everything official on Friday and I called and turned down Company B. I started the Monday after my interview. I can say that I have been very very happy with Company A over the past 9 months.

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