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Monitor screen size and programming ease

Is the screen size of a laptop/desktop is directly proportional to the productivity of a developer? How? Is it the real estate of the screen (less scrolling, multiple apps side by side, or something else).

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Jeff Atwood makes a good case that there's a relationship between screen space and productivity, and he cites at least one study to back it up. I tend to agree, but I'd add that it's only one factor in the productivity formula. Other factors include

  • distractions
  • time of day
  • nutrition
  • pressure
  • attitude/motivation
  • infrastructure
  • process

I'd rather work in a quiet place free from distractions on a small screen than in a noisy place on a large one.

I'd rather work on a tiny screen in a noisy place on a hot, humid day with solid process and infrastructure than work on a big screen in a comfortable room with poor process and infrastructure.

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Gee, I'd rather work on multiple big screens in a comfortable room with a solid process and infrastructure. But that's just me. :-) –  Gilbert Le Blanc Sep 1 '11 at 16:42

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