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I'm working on an enterprise LOB software. The next piece that will be added to the system is document management. Most entities throughout the system will have documents attached to them. I clearly see the need to organize, search, share, upload and scan documents.

I was wondering if a document management system with the following requirements exists:

  1. Not a monster (not Sharepoint, etc)
  2. Easily embeddable, my environment is .NET Silverlight
  3. No royalties. Preferably just pay for it once and use it as custom controls, etc.

I bet such an animal exists as I don't want to reinvent the wheel..


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Sharepoint is not a monster, but it can be... It is very scalable. It has a free edition and, ofcourse, it complements extremely well with .NET.

I would give it a second look if I were you.

Also, I would check out dotnetnuke just to have an alternative, but still think Sharepoint would be your best bet.

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If the extent of your need is to upload documents and link them to database records, that is pretty straight-forward.

Upload the document (see the link), place in the database the necessary Sharepoint document info, and build links to the document when displaying the record.

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