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Dcpromo.exe is famous among MCSEs for being they only way to create a Windows Domain Controller (in other words an Active Directory Domain) ... which in turn is often used by the ASP.NET Membership system.

I'm trying to determine if I should put content on "" geared for developers or more towards sysadmins.

To me, a logical extension of this "domain controller on the internet" is to use WIF for the ASP.NET Membership system. We'd then have a website that will serve the developer's interests in the SSO, SAML, user managment and identity areas we all struggle with.

So my question is:

Q: Do programmers see a connection between the utility dcpromo.exe and ASP.NET Membership? If so does it make sense to have a purpose of help developers in the areas of membership and cloud computing?

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I've been a Microsoft developer for 11 years, mostly as a web developer. Been coding since 1.1 and I've used .NET membership in many of my applications, and I've never heard of dcpromo.

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+1 - About 9 years of ASP.NET here and never heard of dcpromo. – Damovisa Sep 7 '10 at 6:22

I'm an newbie, having been working with it for only about 3 months, though I've played with membership a little bit. That said, I've never heard of dcpromo. Just my 2 cents.

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