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I know that Emacs is a very powerful editor out there. I try to use it occasionally and want to learn it better. But to learn it better i have to use it more frequently than I am using now.

But one big obstacle is that I could not find the basic properties like a project auto completion. Maybe I am lazy but I dont want to write again and again the same long method names. Another one is go to definition stuff, I want to see the real declaration of any class or method or even a variable.

Also I know that it can handle the make files but an actual representation of a project alongside the editor would be very good. So, what I am asking is, is there a way to provide these options in Emacs? Or is there an extended version of Emacs that supports these features?

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There is CEDET which provides all of that sort of stuff, I should add that I havent used it myself.

I personally find dabbrev-expand (M-/ by default) as useful, if not more, than language aware auto-completes, being able to complete in comments or from comments or code which currently won't compile is very useful.

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+1 dabbrev-expand is the best. – Jon Purdy Sep 10 '11 at 15:51

Eclim is a completion package which uses Eclipse as a backend for completion and it has an emacs frontend too, so it combines the power of Eclipse's language support with the power of the Emacs interface.

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it says eclipse functionality with vim editor, thanks anyway :) – LostMohican Sep 12 '11 at 7:01

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