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Today, I started reading the book CSS Mastery 2nd edition. It is really a good book for anyone who is interested in learning some techniques. On page 151, I discovered the box-reflect property from CSS3. I tried to find out more information about which browser suports it and the syntax of the property, but I only found a site that didn't explain much.

Can anyone please provide me with a link to a website that is up to date regarding the CSS3 elements? The site should also contain information about browser-support for the different elements. I'm primarily interested in the box-reflect property and to update my knowledge of CSS3 properties.

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The definitive source, really, is However, this doesn't include vendor-specific implementations.

For vendor-specific implementations, check out

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Like Demian said, the best source is the official W3 CSS page.

Here you can find compatibility issues.

And here's an online editor to automatically write cross browser css rules.

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+1 for online editor reference. – Saeed Neamati Sep 10 '11 at 17:00

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