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I have just finished two days of the CSM course and I feel pretty excited about the upcoming online exam.

What is your experience with the exam? How much did you get? And can you recommend any good online tests sample?


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I have found some a sample exam for CSM with the answers: Seems like it is quite comprehensive and close to the actual exam provided by ScrumAlliance. – hnviet Sep 27 '11 at 15:12

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If it remains anything like the online test I did after my CSM course about 18 months ago, you have nothing to worry about.

If you did the course and aren't subject to random bouts of amnesia, you'll finish with a high score in about five minutes.

I was looking at the site. To take the CSM exam, you just pay them $100 and take it in the luxury of your own home? There's no test center, no proctor, no nothing? Because I just did very well on the practice exam, and I think it would be funny (and prove a valuable point) if, after no formal scrum training, I just took the two exams and got this "certification". – Thomas Owens Sep 15 '11 at 23:07
@Thomas Owens There's only one exam and you can only take it after sitting the two day course. It's a very easy exam, and you basically get the certificate regardless of your grade. Clearly, there's a lot of criticism over the scheme. – Hugo Sep 16 '11 at 6:13
@Hugo - Sounds not that different than a shortened version of some universities. :-) – MathAttack May 16 '12 at 11:12

You can use the free assessment on the Scrum official website. provides tools you can use to assess your knowledge of Scrum. The primary aim of assessment is to provide information about an individual's or a group's level of knowledge and to thereby enable improvement.

Scrum assessments are grounded in the Scrum Body of Knowledge, written by Scrum's founders Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. These materials are publicly available on Our assessments are developed by Scrum thought leaders with formal input from a wide range of industry experts. We collect informal input from the larger Scrum community through large-scale beta testing and our online discussion boards. We monitor assessment results on an ongoing basis, performing extensive statistical analysis to ensure the integrity of our assessment instruments.

CSM is from the ScrumAlliance while PSM is from – Bart Sep 30 '11 at 23:37
@bart: While I'm CSP (SA), I prefer PSM – user2567 Oct 1 '11 at 11:20
Totally agree (certified with myself), just wanted to clarify to others that there is a difference. – Bart Oct 1 '11 at 13:11

It's a very easy exam, you complete it online and basically get the certificate regardless of your grade. I got all but one question correct. You have nothing to worry about.

Clearly, there's a lot of criticism over the scheme, but that's a different question.


I attended your CSM training in Bangalore. I must say that this was THE BEST training I have attended in the last many years. Your way of conducting the session and method of presenting the Scrum concepts was excellent. Examples/case studies were very good and very close to real-life scenarios.I have been practising Scrum since June 2009 and got the answer to many queries in this training. BTW, I passed the CSM exam with 97%."

My congratulations! – hnviet Oct 11 '11 at 23:15

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