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Microsoft stopped shipping the Mobile SDK in Visual Studio releases after the 2008 version. This wasn't a big surprise, as there were no takers for that feature and android made a big hole. But now, things have changed, Microsoft has partnered with Nokia, HTC rolling new mobiles with Windows OS. Also, Windows 8 is all set to make début on tablets.

Can all these be seen as potential reasons for Microsoft to roll-out the Mobile SDK again in future releases of Visual Studio ?

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There isn't gooing to be a Mobile SDK. There will be a Windows Phone SDK and WinRT that will be it on the Mobile platforms by Microsoft. One is already supported by Visual Studio 2010. WinRT will be supported by the next release of Visual Studio. –  Ramhound Sep 16 '11 at 15:27

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Visual Studio 2012 is apparently now available on MSDN if you have a subscription. It's the pre-pre-pre release obviously. As Windows 8 will run applications designed for WP7, I think that it is given it will be included.

Getting it into VS 2010 is just a case of downloading tools for Windows Phone which is part of XNA.

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