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I'm wondering what the title of someone who's main job is to present software/products (basically do presentations) (internally or externally)?

I'm not really talking about salespeople, but more on the side of people who go out there and make presentations as a key part of their job, while still having some parts of involvement with the development?

A possible title: Product Evangelist.

Is it only the program managers and VP's who go out and present to the "higher-ups" or the public?

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In my view that's just a part of the job description for anyone in product sales - they need to have skills demoing the product they are selling. A salesperson with excellent product knowledge will be able to potentially upsell other products in the line-up while giving a demo of one particular product. They can also spot potential for new products or required mods to existing products while talking to the customer. –  dodgy_coder Sep 21 '11 at 5:06
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Sales Engineer is one common title for someone who doesn't manage accounts, but serves as a technical resource supporting sales.

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Accepting since the community seems to support this answer. –  HelloFictionalWorld Sep 22 '11 at 6:23
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Your description is loose enough to fit a large number of jobs. Some examples include:

  • Product Manager
  • Pre-sales/Sales Technical support
  • Salesman
  • Evangelist
  • Product expert
  • Teacher
  • Marketing Associate
  • Spokesperson
  • Power User
  • Enthusiast


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In South Africa, they are known as Software Expert. The Software Expert are knowledgeable in the software design/code/architecture & they market the software to client. This is unlike a software consultant, a professional that assess the company's business and recommends software(s) solutions based on the assessment.

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Business Analyst/developer may be. I am from India and was working for a company where i was not in development but had to apply projects over the internet and reply them in an adequate manner as a developer. Along with that, I had to go to the local client's to explain what's going on the development end of the company and how will the product look once finished.

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If this is someone who runs product launches, gives demonstrations at trade shows, etc - as opposed to going directly to customers trying to make sales - then its probably a 'marketing' position of some sort. Larger companies may have dedicated individuals they'd call evangelists who do technical presentations to technical crowds - but its still essentially marketing.

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