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Could anybody help me to find a good tutorial about how can I implement DAO pattern and also tools that help me to create this classes in automated way.

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Please note that I exchanged the repository tutorial link because the codeproject article was quite difficult and not straight to the point. – Falcon Sep 23 '11 at 16:24
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I think it might help you more to google for the repository pattern. It's nearly the same as a DAO, only that DAOs can be finer grained while a repository usually just encapsulates an aggregate root. The principle behind both is the same, though.

As for the code generation: You could just setup a T4 template for them or use an other template engine like NVelocity to create those DAOs automatically. However, if you implement DAOs/Repositories in a generic fashion, then there's little need for code generation in my opinion.

Here's also a tutorial for implementing DAOs with entity framework.

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