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I am looking for a Kanban tool that will allow me to create and manage a scrum board with stories and tasks.

Something like this: http://www.simple-kanban.com/download/Simple_Kanban_App_1.0RC1.html, but better options? What is the general app people use for this kind of thing? I want something extremely simple.

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I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned Trello yet. It does a very nice Kanban, free as in beer.

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I just discovered it yesterday. I was going to say that fogbugz was the best I'd seen at this, but then Joel went and topped himself. –  Dan Ray Oct 28 '11 at 20:23

Apart from the list of Kanban tools at Tools Journal, there is another list at the Limited WIP Society website and another one at Agile Scout.

(Unfortunately, as a new user I can't link to each one individually. Here is a link to all the lists)

You mention in your question that you want a Scrum board. This is different from a Kanban board. (Most of the other answers seem to be about Kanban boards, so it would help if you could clarify on that)

As you can see there are many tools out there. Which one you choose depends on what you need from the tool.

If you just want something to track your personal work then a solution like Simple Kanban is easy to get started. One step above are really simple tools like Scrumy and SeeNowDo. They are both free and give basic scrum board capabilities. (Sorry, I dont have the rep to add links to them yet.. perhaps someone can edit this answer with links?)

If you want to collaborate with others, and use it in a software development team (possibly distributed) then you will want a more powerful tool. More powerful tools include support for creating complex boards, metrics, reports, commenting, APIs, and so on.

So you need to tell us more about your needs before I can make a recommendation, as there are different tools for different use cases.

The company I work for develops an agile tool suite at http://toolsforagile.com It is a set of team level boards, and support both Scrum boards and Kanban boards, with all those features I mentioned above like metrics, API, etc. It is geared towards team collaboration, but there is a free starter plan for 1 user if you want to check it out.

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I have been using Kanbanery. It's a simple personal Kanban system more or less to get you used to tracking stuff yourself.

It's awesome though.

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I've used the one you've already mentioned in your question:


It's simple, free, easy to use, easy to edit. I'd really recommend it to anyone that wants something light.

Looking to pay for some extra features?

My company uses http://www.versionone.com/

Its a good tool for creating and tracking stories. Personally I like simple Kanban better :) but I'm not in charge of tracking this stuff at a large scale.

Finally, How about an old fashioned corkboard?

This option is better than it sounds. Its very easy to add things and anyone that walks by your area will instantly know what your team is working on.

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simple-kanban unfortunately is a pain IMO. I tried to modify it a while ago, but my JS-fu was weak and I didn't have time to train it up. –  Paul Nathan Oct 28 '11 at 21:58

We are a product development company based out of Europe. Here everyone is talking about Kanban so we decided to try it for our manufacturing unit. We tried various tools mentioned in toolsjournal.com and decided to implement our processes using Swift-Kanban.com We currently use their personal license but plan to buy their paid license soon. We are still in trial phase.

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Agile Zen is pretty good at lean project management. I've never used the paid versions, but you get enough of an idea of how it works with the free version. It doesn't time out, but you're limited on number of projects and the ability to share.

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I've used SeeNowDo on the past, and my team is currently using it.

Extremely simple to use, works just like a regular-real-life-white-board, where ou can put your colored sticks and move them along.


  • Completely free, for any number of projects you have
  • Allow you to import and export data from CSV files
  • Report of Hours burndown (if you want to use it, of course)
  • Report of Tasks burndown
  • Easy-to-use, low "programmer-user" barrier (both old and new teams had no problem accepting it)
  • Filter sticks by status or owner
  • Works on either firefox or ie


  • Server-based only, if the site goes down, so goes your board
  • No source-code available
  • Somewhat slow
  • Does not serve coffee when you are tired
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I can recommend KanbanTool. You can organize your work with colored sticky notes placed on a kanban board to visualize, control and optimize your workflow. It also provides analytics with breakdown charts and cumulative flow diagram. You can also invite people to build project teams and share online documents.

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