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I've read Franco Moretti's work, but I'm looking for something more technical and perhaps broad in scope, if possible. Specifically, I want to learn about techniques programmers are using to glean information from complex networks, eg clustering. I'd also like to know what are some interesting questions/problems when it comes to graphs.

So far I've just skimmed academic papers with very specific applications. I would appreciate any advice.


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I will go with the "broad side".

Let's go. I will list a couple of books that I'm using.

Don't know if you dig python. But I'll list here some interesting stuff:

Real world applications:

I hope it helps =) cheers!

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Travelling Salesman Problem would be one of the more classic graph problems out there. List of NP-complete problems has a section on Graph Theory as well as Network Design.

Flow network would be an area of Mathematics around special kinds of graphs that may be of some help though it would help if you could narrow down the question a bit.

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