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Are there any good Data Grid libraries that allow the user to view and edit data from a database?

My boss asked me to research possible Data Grid resources to supplement our web application and I thought I'd ask here. I know we could make one in-house, but we'd like to have a professional looking one without expending too much time and work.

We are looking for a web based Data Grid, preferably written in Java that is free or open-source. JDeveloper looks promising, however, it has quite a bit of overhead and quite a steep learning curve. The web application that this would supplement is not large enough to warrant the time it would take to simply learn JDeveloper.

The grid viewer should be able to:

  • allow users to view tables
  • allow users to edit rows inline
  • allow sorting by columns
  • pages rows
  • associate tables

If there are any suggestions of possible Data Grids that allow have this criteria, it would be much appreciated.

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how do you define "cheap"? For example sencha ext js can cost you 329 USD. –  Rudy Oct 10 '11 at 6:11
Didn't feel this was worth posting as an answer, but how about the Dojo Data Grid? –  user16764 Oct 10 '11 at 14:31

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there are lot of libraries that are available on the internet for accessing the data. However none of them will allow you to directly access the database.

Sencha provides you a very advanced grid component that will allow you a huge number of features for both local and remote operations. This might be a little heavy component to use. Please visit http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/examples/ for viewing some samples for the grid. The site also provides you tools to shrink down the entire size of the library by just including necessary components.

Other options would comprise of writing your own components using any other libraries like Mootools.

Search online for grid components based on JQuery. You will get ample results. Pick the one that suits you.

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One good option is to use jQuery DataTable plugin. This has all the features you listed above, free and very easy to implement too.

This is a simple example that shows you how to use this plugin in JSP page to display data in a table with features like pagination,sorting and searching.

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