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Cassandra & HBase both do not efficiently support storage of blobs like images. Storing directly on HDFS stresses the Namenode because of huge number of files. Facebook uses Haystack for images and attachments storage, but this is not open source. So is Lustre a good choice for distributed blob storage? I have read that Amazon S3 is used by many, but this would cost money and personally, I would not like to rely on third party system. What are other suggestions?

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How about Coda or GlusterFS? Those are scalable distributed file systems and open source.

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GlusterFS can work fine because it can work on very cheap hardware, but it's hard to tune. I have my own concerns about performance, but I'll expect to have on cluster working in the following months to watch how it works but myself.

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GitHub uses Riak to store GitHub Pages documents. It would probably be a good fit for other blob storage uses as well.

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