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Well, the question is in the subject, but I would repeat - what is the best programming/developer productivity tool you have coded yourself.

A small console application or a script you hacked in a day or two, and then wondering why have you waited for so long and haven't coded it earlier.

Something that automated the (now only a 10 seconds long) process which was a mundane 20 minute manual task before. Something that not only made you a day, but continued to do so for another month or even longer. A pinnacle of a DRY principle, even though it was just comparing a two xml files which could not be easily compared with a Beyond Compare. A small living piece of software that makes proud of.

So, what it was for you?

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An Emacs function that would complete names based on an abbreviation, rather than a prefix. That let me type F I S Control-; and get `FileInputStream'. Has saved thousands of keystrokes per day for many years now. Much better than simple completion; there are often dozens of names starting with the same words.

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I love that ReSharper does this. Nice one. – anaximander Apr 19 '13 at 11:11
Yes! very useful. Abbreviation expansion is also available in vim :abbr omg ermagerd!! – valbaca Apr 19 '13 at 18:00

I'm mainly programming in the languages I've implemented myself - in domain specific languages built on top of the mainstream languages. This approach increases my productivity dramatically. And, of course, over years of practice I've built a number of tools and libraries I'm using to simplify the implementation of such languages - parsing engines, compiler components, virtual machines, ready to use language building blocks. Now I'm free from writing any kind of boilerplate code.

Another very useful thing was a set of tiny tools built on top of Elsa C++ parser (later switched to the Clang front-end) for analysing the legacy C++ code base. Saved me a lot of time with semantically rich searches and such.

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Steve Yeggie would be proud of you. – Job Oct 15 '11 at 14:03
I've done a fair bit of the same - particularly a program that was originally comparable with treecc but specifically targetting C++ and with some more sophisticated tricks, and which gained a lot of related tricks in the few years since I first started it. I wouldn't say it has the potential to dramatically improve my productivity, though - it's mostly only useful when implementing DSLs anyway - it's good for working with flexible data structures in general, but mostly that means ASTs. It's a home project, and I've been teetering on whether to release it and, if so, how for some time. – Steve314 Oct 15 '11 at 15:11

I created a swing application that allowed me to draw the ER in the notation we learned in college (a bit different notation that what used now in workplace). After drawing the ER, a click of button and it is turned into 3rd normalized form of DB on MYSQL. Used it while in college :) :p

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