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I am supposed to work on web Services (using Apache CXF and Spring )

I was asked to get familiarized with certificate generation, as we will need to generate certificates going forward for the web services.

One thing I knew is that they are using Glassfish server.

I googled , but I didn't understand anything.

I know that the information I provided is not sufficient, to expect a relevant answer

But Could anybody please let me know , what will be the best starting point on this ?? and what other information should we need from the client to make it clearer ??

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To secure web services you can use PKI (private key infrastructure), this uses asymmetric keys, a key pair with the property that what a key encrypt only the other one decrypt. This key pair is composed by a private and a public key. usually a certificate is generated for a public key, in order to identify the key owner. You can use keytool or openSSL to generate keys and certificates. I made this fast introduction just to throw some keywords that you can search for.

In a fast search i found this, maybe help you: Understanding keystore, certificates and alias

If you need anymore help, I can get you more information.

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Ya , i need more help , Thank you very much . – user663724 Oct 15 '11 at 6:28
In order to help you with anything more, you need to ask more concrete questions. – Luis P. Oct 15 '11 at 9:13

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