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I saw this job adverted for db admin and one of the things they are looking is for someone who can demostrate in business systems exposure. What does Business systems exposure mean?

Have I selected the right tag?


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Since the advert is for a DBA I suspect that the "Business system exposure" refers to some form of a business analysis engine. If this is the case than it probably means: "are you familiar with staging and preparing data for analysis".

There is a lot of assumption in this one so please be cautious, better ask for a bit of elaboration on their story before barging in with wrong assumptions.

Cheers, Carlo

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OK, thanks just have to wait and see. –  DiscoDude Oct 21 '11 at 14:58

Business systems exposure may mean familiarity with the line of business of the company. Telco, Banks, Payroll, etc. have certain architecture concerns such as batch cycles, data exchange protocols specific to the business.

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In general when a company is looking for "someone who can demonstrate in business systems exposure" they want someone who A: has actual real world experience of using the Database in question and has practical knowledge of the setup, design and troubleshooting of database related issues. Experience of backup cycles, log shipping, performance monitoring is also required. B: In addition to the above they may also mean someone who has relevant experience in the their business domain i.e if they are an insurance company you need to have worked as a DBA in an insurance company. This is an advantage to the company as the candidate should have a knowledge of common industry terms, how the business works, common business issues that impact on the DBA Role, common reports, common database schemas etc

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