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I am making a P2P Android application. The initial functionality I am aiming for is chatting. Can anyone please suggest a good open source P2P library, using which I can build my application upon? Most of the ones I found are complete applications, but I want a library I can use to build my application.

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I have used ASmack successfully for chatting and other P2P communication over XMPP:


You need a server to set up the communication, though. The most common (and free) solution would be Openfire.

If you don't want to use your own server, you can let people use Google Talk or Jabber accounts. (You need to google Jabber since I'm new here and can't use more than two links in my posts. :-P )

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The JXTA project is one that people seem to mention a lot. Else you can build your own if you're on Java 7 as it's multicasting APIs are nicely up to date.

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Not sure if JXTA is the best approach now. See kenai.com/projects/jxse/pages/LatestNews –  Gary Rowe Mar 28 '12 at 11:33

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