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I work for a Multi-national product development organization. I work directly for the person who established the Indian wing of the organization.

I work incredibly hard and try to do the best possible work I can. But after 6 months of working here I am finding it hard to stay motivated to do my best because no matter how hard I try I do not get any acknowledgement that I did something right or wrong.

Often times what I find that I need to do to get things done are not in the conventional wisdom of how software is made. The problem is bothering me so much that I am considering moving to a different company.

I don't know if expecting an occasional "good job" is wrong. But it feels like a little sincere appreciation will help make things better for me. Is it just wrong to need it? Have you had a similar experience?

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What does the "not in the conventional wisdom" part cover? –  user1249 Oct 30 '11 at 10:24
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You should get appropriate appreciation of course. However, in my so many years, I have noticed that this is not common.

Some managers think that since you still have a job with us, it is enough appreciation.

This attitude depends on the personality of the manager and the company in general.

The important thing here is:

1-Make sure you are formaly appraised. That is, you efforts should be accurately reflected by your manager on paper so that you don't get accused of being lazy when management change.

2-Make sure you get what you deserve in terms of overtime and dues, if you are the type of person who can/will stand for his/her rights.

3-You can raise this issue with your management in terms of title change or bonus.

Point (2) and (3) are optional but point (1) is not.

If you are really a hot shot and can easily switch, consider doing this but only to a place where the conditions are known to be better, if you can find one.

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