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Online portfolios are very popular with designers, but what about developers?

I'm a Java web developer who also enjoys writing Javascript, and I was thinking of putting up a site with links to a Github repository. What kinds of things do you think would impress a potential employer?

Do other programmers put up such portfolios? Can you share links and your experiences?

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At the time of writing (i.e. as of right now) you're above the fold if you put links to your github repositories. The thing is a lot of programmers don't do this or even produce a readable resume… – Spoike Nov 3 '11 at 13:48
I cut out the middle man and just have a link to my github repo on my resume. I also have a link to my blog as well on there, but I wouldn't count on people going to the blog to get to the github. – Jetti Nov 3 '11 at 13:52
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If you put a demo site - it is quite good to browse and see. However, as a recruiter, i won't bother to actually take a check out of your github repo to see what you have done.

Also, if what you have done is a paid assignment, publicly displaying yourself on your hosting - or allowing people to download the code is not an acceptable practice. Instead, i would list down the URL's of my actual customer sites which one can browse and evaluate my work.

A more important thing, i would perceive is to be seen as a contributor inside an open source project. Even if you have done a small contribution, it is important to show that you have done something beyond what job asked you to do. And also, if a good open source project has accepted your work, given credit for it - it is a praise which recruiters do (or should) value.

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I would say that it'd be a good idea to showcase projects that you have contributed to, and preferrably completed and delivered, with good quality.

If you have a project that you are so proud of that you would consider to use the application yourself, then I'd definitely put that in your portfolio and show it to potential employers.

Also, by showing that you actually have a github repository, you show that you treat your personal projects the same way as you would in a professional environment. I consider this be more than the "average" developer would do.

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