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I am working on a PHP script that I plan to sell without giving the user the ability to distribute it to anyone else.

I have heard about GPL being viral and I have quite a few libraries that are being used in my script that are under the GPL. (for example : jquery, phpthumb etc)

Does this mean that if a user who has bought my code can freely distribute it because a part of my code is under GPL so it becomes viral and my whole project becomes GPL ?

Can i not use any GPL code in my project ?

Thanks for any help.

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jQuery is dual-licensed, both under the GPL and the MIT license, which is very permissive – Joachim Pileborg Nov 4 '11 at 10:11

If you use GPL code in your project, you have to release it under the GPL license. For more informations, see However, JQuery is also licensed under the MIT license, which is more permissive, and you can purchase a commercial license for phpThumb.

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