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Like many other people, I use Eclipse with the excellent PyDev plugin (available in the Eclipse Marketplace) to develop my Python projects. And like most people with the same setup, I came to PyDev without any prior Eclipse experience.

What other tools, plugins, features, etc are there in Eclipse that could be useful for us Python developers? And/or, said another way, how could we become more proficient and make a better use of the Eclipse IDE for Python developing?

I'll start adding my own 2€cents: EGit, or similar plugins for CVS, SVN, etc.., are good for integration with a version control system / repository. (even if I admit I'm usually just writing git command lines in the terminal).

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  • introspection based code completion,
  • project explorer, class explorer,
  • provides support for django templates,
  • provides support for a lot of laguages, (so you can manage whatever mixture of platforms you are using in your project on one ide)
  • provides support for git, mercurial, svn etc.
  • is opensource
  • is free

many other IDEs have many of these features but none that i have found have all of them

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