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I have been working as a Java developer for corporate Banking client. Now I want to step into an investment banking domain job.

What sorts of resources (books, sites, etc.) can I use to understand investment banking so that as an IT Professional, I can become effective developing software applications for this domain?

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I'm sorry, but we're not (in general) investment banking experts. This site is for software development questions and making a list of investment banking resources is off-topic. –  Anna Lear Nov 16 '11 at 3:25
Creating a list of resources about everything you need to know to be an investment banking field, particularly when the answers received are one-line recommendations for a general resource like the Khan academy or non-programmer reading lists, is too broad a scope for a Stack Exchange question. If there are specific questions about software design in investment banking, feel free to ask about those instead. –  user8 Nov 21 '11 at 21:05

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The Khan Academy has some decent YouTube videos explaining different kinds of finance and financial instruments. I would start there before I jumped into books. Look for their "Finance" section under the "Humanities and Other" heading.

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The books I am familiar with are aimed mostly at quants.

One good quant reading list
Another reading list

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