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I was reading a paper that makes a comparison between ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC. While reading it, such as data-driven, event-driven, test-driven are the terms that I see a lot. So what are they used for? when we can call them for a programming language or framework? What do they need to have?


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Simply places the emphasis on the motivational characteristics that defines how a solution is found to a problem.

In other words it anchors the point of view from which one creates the system. It should not be interpreted as a mutually exclusive to other points of views, unless that is, one gets religious about it. Rather it defines very quickly to other peer programmers what hat to put on when looking at the system to gain a faster understanding of it.

Sadly, as all other efficient means of communications it is often abused and misused, one always need to remove any marketing veneer around such definition. Whatever remains will bring you closer to enlightenment.


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