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I have been working with Java/web applications in an IT department of a retail company. As much as work goes, there is nothing much to say. Fixing couple of if/else loops, writing some simple business logic etc., is all what I have been doing.

Having said that, I feel I have a good technical knowledge, and I am willing to move to companies like Microsoft/Google/Amazon etc., [I want to work in these places, because I feel I am a technical guy, and I am working in a place where most people freak out when the words like 'algorithm' are heard]

I can of course prepare algorithms/computer science fundamentals etc.,(I hold a 4 year degree in computer science program) but beyond that, will my experience hold against me ? I doubt I'll even get a call from them seeing my work experience.

What kind of questions(apart from the algorithm types) can I expect ?

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I interviewed with Amazon and faced a lot of big O type questions. "What is the Big 0 of 'X'." They also proposed a hypothetical problem to solve and talked me through coming up with a linear time solution for something that is not intuitively a linear time problem. Amazon, at the least, research your Big O for searches and operations on data structures. –  Rig Nov 23 '11 at 13:36

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I would suggest you to work on few projects of your own. Have some, make them work in an application. Alternatively, you can give your head a break and head straight to project hosting sites like github, codeplex, sourceforge etc. and make your contributions to well directed opensource projects. This will not only add to your resume but also help in understanding development and design overall.

Experience should be in terms of project and not in completing time at blah-blah company, even if that is google.

Once you have some projects to show under your belt, i am sure companies will be giving you a shot even you are working at a garage(just being dramatic) :-P

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