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I wonder how you guys are updating your tech knowledge on a daily basis. Definitely it will be from internet. But what are those sources?

E.g. I didn't know about the DWR technology but knew if from my colleague and used it in my work. I like to know about technologies like this, to use in our Java SE and Java EE projects as soon as they are available to the community.

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One update: J2EE is no more used officially, it is called JavaEE since several years :-) – Péter Török Nov 23 '11 at 10:20
lol.. I've updated the title – coder247 Nov 23 '11 at 10:25

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Once you have worked for 3 years or so, I think you should stop and look back about what you have learned over the years. It is not just enough to stop adding more and more knowledge without organizing what we have learned so far.

One step in this direction is to deepen you fundamentals as a (Java) programmer

Go through the following books

Effective Java

Java Concurrency in Practice

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

These are just few of the technical literature you should read. There are other good books on Algorithms and other computer science fundamentals.

Regarding the stack of JEE technologies, I insist learning the fundamentals.

How does an MVC work ?

How does an ORM work ?

What is Messaging ? How can it be used ?

Once you know the basics, other things like struts, hibernate etc., are just implementations. It is enough to know that they exist and you'll probably know how it is implmented(kind of).

So learn the basics. Read news/blogs to know the names and their applications.

This is one way to get started. If you are curious enough, you will find more yourself :)

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Try your local Java User Group, the thousands of books out there and the million blog posts and forum sites. Aboe all, just try these things out! Log on to Cloud Foundry for example and deploy a Hello World Servelet there etc.

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You are right. Doing a google everyday to read the java blogs is not a good idea. If I know some good blogs, I can visit on a daily basis. – coder247 Nov 23 '11 at 10:32

I use my Google Reader to read everyday interesting blogs or articles about upcoming technologies, reviews about the ones that exist today, tutorials and opinions about today's programmer's world.

These are some of my favorites: Hacker News, Delicious, DZone and InfoWorld. This places talk about Java a lot, if you want more specialized java content take a look at Java Code Geeks.

Hope that helped ;)

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