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The question is quite interesting as for me because I watched jobs adds and mostly they all:

  • A) Require being located the same country a vacancy is
  • B) Employers don't want to hire foreign programmers if they don't have H1B or something
  • C) As a rule, most adds provide 6 month contract position

I can keep adding the list for long time describing some job adds specifications, anyway, as a rule, most positions require non-employee cooperation status. I don't have a company for such kind of "making projects by a client order" so it is quite complicated; So I was trying, just, as for a statistics, to find out is there a way to be hired abroad as a remote programmer as if I get hired in my native city?

The thing is not about being hired where I can be hired "because I am located this or that place" but the thing is about a possibility (not to relocate) which actually should provide nowadays technologies especially for IT specialists in many different fields;

So the question is it possible to work any country in remote mode as if I am working in my own place? What do I need for that? Can you advice some useful web sites in this direction?

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Its pretty much impossible to legally employ someone in another country unless the employer has some sort of legal presence in that country (wholly owned subsidiary, local partner or similar).

It is legal to buy services from a company or person located in another country. However most largish companies have problems dealing with people (or at least the contract and procurement departments do!) so you are pretty much obligated to incorporate some sort of limited company in your country as a vehicle to bill the foreign company for your time.

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It is quite interesting. Could you provide a little more detailed information. So you say that in this case programmer should look for a some special sort of company which may have offices abroad or something? But how to find out do they have any and which kind of company should have their offices abroad for certain? Are there some helpful points? –  user592704 Dec 1 '11 at 18:54
@user592704 - I think its just too many hoops for a project manager to jump through to hire you through a foreign subsidiary. Besides why restrict youself to the few companies and locations that meet this criteria. Its not to difficult to set up a limited company in most countries, you have to make it as easy for the hiring project manager as possible, why should he be the one to do the extra work? –  James Anderson Dec 2 '11 at 1:54
Thank for your comments :) I wish it would be "not hard" to open a LTD but I am not a business man but a programmer. I don't want to spend my time for renting office, hiring people or looking for clients I just want to solve programming tasks and just being worrying about doing all projects on time :) I don't get it why should I become an entrepreneur if I have internet and can work just online? Is that some companies managers' head problem or this is a tech problem? Do they afraid to loose some project NDA privacy or what? There is no such kind of hiring law or what? What makes the limits ? –  user592704 Dec 5 '11 at 20:45
@USER592704 -- if you don't want the bother of looking for clients etc. then you should really get a job for a company that can be bothered. There are lots of consulting companies out there apply for a job. –  James Anderson Dec 6 '11 at 1:46
Emm... consulting companies? –  user592704 Dec 6 '11 at 16:21

It's not necessary to hire anyone else or have an actual office. All you need to do is do the necessary paperwork to create a company that you control so that foreign companies can legally pay you for your services. there are many people in the U.S. that do this in order to become contractors for the government. essentially all you need to do is create a legal entity(LLC, LTD, corporation...) for a potential employer to send checks to, because they can't legally send them directly to you.

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I just wondering why they can't send directly :S In the case for example if I am part of their stuff ? –  user592704 Dec 10 '12 at 3:43

You could try finding a company who hires remote people specifically. There is at least one company (deviantart.com) that hires programmers all over the world I am pretty sure.

Otherwise the other things said about hiring in another country was spot on. It's too bad too; there are many US based companies that could use qualified help but can't seem to find it within our borders.

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It is an interesting advice. But I just started looking for such kind of companies; I am not sure what exactly should I look for? Because many companies say they can offer remote work but if I ask them can they hire a foreign programmer (not to relocate) they say they can't :( So I am not sure what they mean writing "remote" or "telecommute" job if they want me just be on site :X –  user592704 Dec 7 '11 at 20:45

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