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If I'm honest with myself my current ant skills are minimal. I can dabble, and amend existing scripts but writing one from scratch, (for example, to package up a project into a war file) I couldn't do without trawling through the documentation repeatedly.

What book(s)/website(s) would you reccomend I read?

Is that even the best approach. Would I be better just putting together some simple projects and writing the ant scripts to package them in jars/wars etc?

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You need an Ant-English dictionary and a very good microphone. But it is not worth because they don't say anything interesting ... unless you are another ant. –  Stephen C Oct 15 '10 at 23:48

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Reading about it won't help you nearly as much as just doing a few projects will. Start small and then add more features as you think of them.

You'll find you're spending less and less time trawling the docs as you memorize what you need to do.

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