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Suppose you've had a recruiter contact you about a position at a medium-large to large company, and went for an interview and such, and seriously considered the position but ultimately you decided against joining, or they decided against hiring you for that particular position because they had someone more qualified show up.

But time elapses, your circumstances change, and you realize that working there might be a better idea now (or they have other positions available)... How long should you wait before interviewing at the same company again?

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Ask them.

When they tell you how long, say "I will contact you again then. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview with you."

Then put it in your calendar. When that day comes, call them and say, "Hello. You asked me to contact you again today to inquire about a position at your company."

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For a medium to large company, I would say it is not necessary to wait at all....

If it's a different role, in a different department, then for all intents and purposes it's like a whole other job. The fact that it's the same company is just a formality.

I've worked at companies where different departments did vastly different things using vastly different technologies (eg. MFC desktop apps versus a web application versus strictly back end and SQL work). The different departments did such different things that their recruitments processes were more or less totally separate, and there is no reason why not taking a job with one meant that you shouldn't interview with another next week, if a vacancy came up.

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Normally it isn't your wish.. If it is an medium -large to a large company, they likely to have certain time bounds like * Candidates who attended within the six months of duration need not apply (Possibly in the last line of their mail)

So just wait for that limit and give it another try. Or else, if they doesn't have anything like that as Robert said, you can contact them and get to know about the possible date of when you can again contact..

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