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It would be interesting to hear what is used besides sketches from UX engineers during development of a GUI. Unfortunately our UX team provides just a minimum of requirements for GUI screens. I believe that a better solution would be to use some tables with requirements and state machines or may be just some text description of GUI behavior? Is that something you use ?

I tried speaking to our UX team but looks like it's impossible to get anything besides graphic sketches from them and I am wondering what others use.

Our project is for iPhone currently, but it is could be useful to hear any advice even if you develop for any other platform or even desktop or web.


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You should find a proper GUI design / concept guy/girl to do the job and pay them well -> presto. – Till Dec 5 '11 at 19:40

Our team had used Balsamiq Mockups for this purpose, and it works well.

From their website :

Mockups also excels as a communication tool, a way for the whole team to come together around the right design.

  • it enables Product Managers to better present requirements with a tool as easy to use as Powerpoint
  • it’s polished enough for UX Designers to use, with all the familiar keyboard shortcuts of the Creative Suite tools
  • it’s fast, geeky and very power-user-friendly. Developers love that
  • it’s so easy to learn, clients and customers can use it (for free even), to describe their needs more clearly
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+1, Our team of 5 developers even uses Balsamiq to clarify design ideas between ourselves – Izkata Dec 12 '11 at 21:32

This is going to vary from place to place, but at a minimum I would expect a sketch that with markup explaining the basic expected behavior and field descriptions.

Ideally your designers are also going to be familiar with any data that you will be working with and will also list the data sources of any part of the interface that displays or is driven by data.

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