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I am a c# developer.

I have always been interested in increasing my skills and knowledge and trying to pickup new technology.

However now I want to enhance my knowledge in Programming standards and principles. So for example I want to know about how to structure code, refactor code, coding standards and good practices etc...

Does anyone have any recommendation on any books or website links?

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For C# development, in particular, I'd strongly recommend reading Framework Design Guidelines and the C# Programming Language. Both are very useful in providing a good, solid understanding about why the .NET framework and the C# language has its current design. They also both (though the guidelines more so) have quite a few tips on standards and principles specific to C# and .NET.

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If you want to improve your general knowledge and principles, look at this question on SO. Note that Code Complete as mentioned by Leons is there as first book. Also Pragmatic Programmers and many, many more very important books. Focus on 3 areas:

  1. software development in general (process, coding, ...)
  2. object orientation (sounds easy but is not)
  3. your language and frameworks of your language.
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Clean Code can definitely help

But it seems we need longer answers:

If you are looking for a good book that can help you in your endeavour, I think Clean Code can definitely help. It's written by Robert C. "Uncle Bob" Martin, whose biography is available here: biography

To avoid further scripts from picking this post, I thought it would be interesting to point out that this author is also the author of the well known principle: SOLID.

Good read!

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