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I am a Java/J2EE/Oracle PL-SQL developer for the past 5 years and have written the SCJP and SCWCD certification exams. But that was long ago.

I now plan to get certified, but not sure which track to choose. There is SCBCD, SCEA etc., but I don't find them much useful. Which are the reputed and useful certifications that will help me learn as well as will give my resume a boost (I stress on the former one a bit more than the latter one).

I don't mind venturing into new technologies.

Thanks for your help.

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The purpose of a certification is to formally verify and confirm that you have a set of skills, not as a reason to learn something new. If you want to learn, then you should learn by reading, doing, and asking questions. Building a strong portfolio of projects that you have worked with is just as beneficial as a certification in demonstrating your knowledge and abilities as a software developer.

I would also shy away from certifications that focus on a particular technology or are sponsored by a particular vendor. Technologies change over time. They might evolve, or they might go out of favor. Perhaps you find a new job where having the certification means absolutely nothing because those technologies aren't used. When you get a certification, it should be from a respected organization (which varies depending on your geographic location as well as industry) and be something that helps you develop professionally and advance your career.

If you want to go a certification route, I recommend looking at vendor-neutral and broad-based certifications. For general software engineering knowledge, that would be the IEEE's CSDA and CSDP certifications. For security, perhaps the ISC2 certifications. For project management, the PMI is well respected. Depending on where you work, CMMI, Lean, and Six Sigma training and certifications might be beneficial.

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