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I have been searching for an example over the internet that shows any operation like saving a file or drawing anything in UI or any other sort that shows the implementation from High-leve language code to Low-level code to deep down machine level code.

The basic idea is to explain the computer working in a nutshell. Like, in high-level laguage we write int c= int a + int b which is compiled into low-level code IL_0001: ldarg.1 IL_0002: ldarg.2 IL_0003: add and then to machine level code.

Any example or code flowchart from high-leve language to deep down machine code will be helpful.

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DTrace is the only tool can do such deep inspection throughout software stack that I know of. You may find this example of tracing from PHP all the way to OS kernel useful.

It was originally developed at Sun Microsystems as one of key new features for Solaris 10. It has been ported to Mac OS X and FreeBSD since then. A breakthrough if you ask me.

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DTrace is brilliant. – Sedate Alien Dec 8 '11 at 6:28

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