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What are the best tools / frameworks / libraries available to implement and run algorithms on graphs?

In particular I need a tool that can load a set of nodes, edges and values assigned to these edges and then allows me to perform operations on them.

I already found R but I'm wondering if there is a more "programmer friendly" tool available?

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Are you talking about really large graphs -- 10+ GB? Google uses it's own framework Pregel for that:

There now are quite a few open-source frameworks that copy that approach, some are discussed in

For smaller graphs that fit within the memory of a single computer there have been libraries for a long time, probably the most well known one is Boost Graph.

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Depending on what kind of operations you're talking about, I used yFiles a few years ago and found it to be extremely powerful for graph visualisation - as well as having best-of-breed algorithms for things like automatic layout, shortest path analysis etc

The main library is Java but there are also .NET and Flex ports.

Could be worth looking at :)

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