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I have 3 years experience in ASP.NET with C# and now I am learning Silverlight with Beginning Silverlight 4 in C# book.

As I have completed my first 4 chapters, I am getting the feeling that Silverlight is just about creating RIA which can also be done with Flash.

What is a scope of Silverlight for a C# programmer?

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Silverlight is also for windows phone 7. – Rig Dec 24 '11 at 5:36
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Silverlight is Microsoft's "replacement" for Flash. It is meant to do what Flash does, although I would say that Microsoft's emphasis is different. Silverlight is for making browser/device independent applications, especially RIA. You could do a "dull" business app in Silverlight if you wanted to gain the browser/platform independence that Silverlight offers. One area where Flash is often used but where Silverlight is (arguably) not intended to be strong is in keyframe-based animations (i.e. cartoons).

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