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I'd like my app to show locations of nearby restaurants, with different categories. It would have a screen with a button to select which categories should be shown. Depending on which button is pressed, map pins come up at nearby locations, and the pins can be pressed for more information.

For storing all the restaurant data, should I create a list using 'enum', similar to the Apple sample code 'MapCallouts'?

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I would store the data in core data.

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Thanks dasdom! I read somewhere about using a REST feed to update the data? Is that an alternative method or something to use at the same time? –  user1119235 Jan 11 '12 at 11:37

I agree with the above - CoreData is the way to go. I prefer it to SQLite: You won't have to worry about input with a apostrophe or blank records. You won't have to scrutinize your sql queries . CoreData boils down to sqlite while picking up some of the coding for you. You can even look at the sql files it generated. To cool to pass up!

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