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How to improve the quality of app descriptions

I've just finished writing an iPhone app, and I've completed everything on my app store submission checklist except the description.

Has anyone got any advice on how to write a really catchy description that's likely to get users interested?

  • What things are important to include in the description?
  • What not to include?

I really have no experience with this, as this is the first app I'll ever release to the store.

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Consider hiring someone with a marketing or advertising background who also knows your target customer demographic.

Ad copy style and quality can influence customer behavior more than most techies think possible. Your question is just a bit too similar to that of the marketing types who ask "I've got this great idea for an app, can anyone give me some quick advice on how I could code it?"

If you don't want to go the hiring route, spend a lot of time studying the better descriptions of the top apps and the apps that Apple features. They when you write yours, have someone review it to see how close yours was to the same level.

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