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scientia potentia est or knowledge is power if you prefer. That's what I think. Now, that my team is growing up, I see a difficulty: not everybody in the team is at the same level of knowledge. Let's assume that everyone has each one starting level. I'd love to have everybody acquire the same knowledges during the year so the team builds up together.

I tried different patterns to let my teammates study: offer certifications, offer a small library where they can take book and bring them at home, offer Safari BooksOnline subscription but nothing seems changed. I think that the problem is in the fact that they have to auto-train and auto-decide what to do.

What I'm thinking about is a company University where I decide the program and I give them due date to complete the training. Like this:

  • January: mastery in CSS
  • February: HTML 5

and so on. To let them apreciate this stuff, I was thinking about buying kindles and gift one to each team member.

What do you think? How do you do in your company?

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Would you expect your people to study the material, that you give them, at home or during work hours? I don't have an answer for you but I see that my team could benefit from something like this as well. The problem is that at work we are always under pressure to deliver work and most people don't get excited about having to come home and "study" for something that was assigned at work. –  DXM Jan 9 '12 at 8:34

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  1. Find a training on the specific subject, and enrol whole team.
  2. Ask people from your team to prepare a presentation on a specific subject. You can do this once, or twice a month.
  3. Let them learn what they want. After all, not everybody might not be interested in the same subject.
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