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I'm currently using a great book to learn what I need to know about making app's for the iPhone using cocos2d.

So far, I am doing great, I read all the code and most of the time, It fits and I understand it. Sometimes, I go through it a couple of more times, over and over just so I fully understand something. My question is.. am I supposed to remember this code? Because while I do understand every block of code and why it exists, I can remember the code as well, but is that necessary ? What am I supposed to remember? The order? I already understand 99% of the syntax (so far everything is clear) .. I hope I'm making sense here.

Do I move on after I read the block of code and understand it? Or do I move to the next block of code only if I remember what was in the previous code block? Because I can understand it, write out the code, learn why it's there, etc and then I move on, but is remembering it all what I'm supposed to do?


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1) You will remember the code a lot better if you actually write it. Do the examples in the book, don't just read them. 2) I keep an organized collection of code snippets for future reference so I don't have to remember every little detail, which is impossible. –  DOK Jan 14 '12 at 19:16