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I'm a web developer with some Java experience and it has been just over a year since I graduated. I really would like to work with Android in my spare time, but I can't fight the thought that it would not help me in my career and I should instead work on a web development project or learn other web frameworks such as Zend and Ruby on Rails.

Hence I would like to know whether there are any benefits to being good at two different and not related technologies or whether it is better for my career to stick with first improving my skills in web development.

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First and foremost - do whatever makes you feel good, if you leisurely wants to develop apps to Android, than - it's LEISURE time, hence, do whatever floats your boat and don't be focused on your career when you're hacking it away for fun, it could be an awesome byproduct, but defintely not something which you should stress yourself about.

Also, all the "technologies" you mentioned are basically frameworks built upon programming languages, and as far as I know, all those programming languages, Java, PHP and Ruby, match the criteria of Turing Completeness.

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